Trade and FTA Negotiation

The program will focus on the current state-of-play in international trade. It will allow the participants to develop a deeper understanding of ASEAN, the FTA status as well as emerging trade issues of FTAs for SMEs in Cambodia.


  • To increase the understanding of the regional SME context in Cambodia and the significance of AEC on SME growth and development in Cambodia;
  • To understand the existing FTA issues, i.e. tariff lines under sensitive lists/negative lists/excluded lists as per regional importance;
  • To understand the importance of FTA and its utilization procedure in regional and international trade and how to promote the utilization of FTAs by the SMEs in Cambodia;
  • To identify emerging impediments in utilizing FTAs beyond tariff reduction i.e. SPS/TBT/MRA/IPR/government procurement/trade facilitation, COs, ROO etc.


By the end of the training program, the participants will be able to acquire knowledge on FTA and their benefits. It will deepen their understanding in utilizing FTAs in the regional and international trade. Upon the completion, each participant should be able to:

  • Understand the rising importance of ASEAN in the global perspectives and thus be able to identify increased trade opportunities for SME exporters in Cambodia through AEC integration;
  • Acknowledge the existing FTA across the globe;
  • Identify emerging impediments in utilizing FTAs, and understand better the procedures and requirements in utilizing the FTAs in their businesses and trade as per the regional and international requirements.
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