E-Commerce Strategy in Cambodia

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Cambodia’s digital economy, in particular the e-commerce segment has experienced rapid growth within the past decade. Internet access, affordability, and uptake have ramped up significantly, and the consumer base is becoming Increasingly sophisticated in terms of absorbing social media, local content, and increasingly smart-phone based value-added services on the policy side, the Royal Government of Cambodia has undertaken a series of broad-based reforms aimed at strengthening diversifying the productive sector bare and achieving economic/trade related competitiveness growth. These strategic objectives are enshrined in the national development agenda, articulated by the rectangular strategy, National Strategic Development Plan 2019-2023, Industrial Development Policy 2015-2025, Cambodia National ICT Masterplan 2020, and the recently published Cambodia Trade Integration Strategy 2019-2023. Moreover, the recently adopted e-commerce law has ushered in a new era where a rapidly improving institutional and regulatory framework will support the e-commerce sector growth.

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