Cambodia Trade Integration Strategy (CTIS) 2019-2023

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The Cambodia Trade Integration Strategy Update (CTISU)  2019-2023  presents  an  innovative  trade  strategy built upon the vision of prosperity and economic growth outlined in the Phase IV of the Rectangular Strategy or “Growth, Employment,  Equity  and  Efficiency:  Building  the  Foundation Towards Realizing the Cambodia Vision  2050”,  as  well  as  the  Royal  Government  of Cambodia’s process toward embracing a new development framework, namely the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which  is  geared  towards  establishing  close  links  between  economic  development,  environmental  sustainability  and  social  justice.  The  CTISU  2019-2023 also sets out a roadmap for implementation of  the  recommendations  aligned  with  the  result  framework of the Rectangular Strategy Phase IV.

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