This module presents concept and principals of SME cluster and value chain in the context of Cambodia. It discusses the concept of SME cluster and benefits of clustering for holistic development of SMEs in Cambodia. The participants will be able to derive understanding on the potential for developing SME clusters in Cambodia and its significance for the local and reginal economy. Participants understanding will also improve on the steps involved in cluster development process and value chain analysis of SME clusters in Cambodia. The rigor of implementation of cluster development programme and scope for value chain upgradation will be discussed in detail. This module adopts an adult learning approach that combines classroom lectures with exercises, practical case study and video and encourages participation by participants to analyze ways to promote SME clusters and value chain. This module provides a forum for sharing best practices for deepening and extending participants understanding of SME cluster development in national and regional contexts.


  • Concepts of SME cluster
  • Benefits of Clustering
  • Prevalence of Co-opetition
  • SMEs in Cambodia
  • Potential for cluster development in Cambodia
  • Clusters in developed economies
  • Cluster Development Approach
  • Objectives of SME Cluster Development
  • Cluster Development Strategies
  • Basic Principles of CDP
  • Promoting Industrial and SME Clusters In Cambodia
  • Steps involved in SME Cluster Development
  • Role of a CDA and Managing CDP intervention
  • Value Chain & its key elements
  • Process of VCA
  • Value chain identification and mapping
  • Scope for Value Chain Up-gradation in Cambodia

បន្ទាប់ពីបញ្ចប់នៃជំពូកនេះសិក្ខាកាម និងមានលទ្ធភាពយល់ដឹងអំពី៖

  • Understand cluster and significance of co-opetition
  • Realize the importance of cluster as a tool for SME development
  • Understand SMEs in Cambodia and potential for SME cluster development there
  • Understand status of SME clusters in developed economies
  • Understand concept of SME Cluster Development & steps involved in SME Cluster Development
  • Understand role of a CDA and managing CDP intervention
  • Learn what is value chain and its significance and VCA process
  • Learn scope and trajectories of value chain upgrading
  • Learn benchmarking and its purposes
  • Learn scope for Value Chain up-gradation in Cambodia
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