This module equips the participants with the tools and techniques of diagnostic study. They will be able to derive comprehensive understanding about the steps of conducting diagnostic study in the SME cluster. Preparation of diagnostic study report will also be discussed in detail. They will also understand what is Export Consortia, steps involved in forming export consortia and services provided by export consortia. The participants capability will be improved in terms of export consortia formation and management of export consortia.


  • Cluster identification
  • What is diagnostic study?
  • Process of conducting DS in SME Clusters in Cambodia
  • Preparation of DSR
  • Case study discussion
  • What is an export consortium?
  • Benefits of export consortia?
  • Steps involved in consortium creation process in Cambodia
  • Types of Export Consortia for Cambodia
  • Services provided by export consortia
  • Classification of export consortia
  • Organisation structure for consortia for Cambodia
  • Management of export consortia

បន្ទាប់ពីបញ្ចប់នៃជំពូកនេះសិក្ខាកាម និងមានលទ្ធភាពយល់ដឹងអំពី៖

  • Understand how to identify SME clusters
  • Learn how to conduct diagnostic study
  • Understand techniques of doing AOBO, cluster mapping, institutional matrix and SWOT analysis of SME clusters in Cambodia
  • Learn how to design questionnaire and do diagnostic study
  • Learn how to prepare diagnostic study report
  • Learn the process of creating and managing export consortia
  • Replicate the learning back in their country
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