This module deals with promoting export consortia and export planning and brand building overseas. The participants will be introduced with the concept of promoting export consortia. A detailed deliberation will be held on the procedures for promoting export consortia in Cambodia. They will acquire information regarding roles of private and public institutions in export consortia promotion. Moreover, elaborate discuss will be held on ‘best practices’ in export consortia promotion wherein they will learn from practices of other countries.

Assessing export potential of SME clusters in Cambodia will be deliberated under this module. The participants will be acquainted on the process of preparing export development plan for SME clusters in Cambodia. They will also understand the significance of cluster branding and process of developing SME cluster brand overseas.


  • Idea of promoting Export Consortia
  • Role of private and public institutions in export consortia promotion in Cambodia
  • Private association and their roles
  • Public support to export consortia promotion
  • ‘Best practices’ of Export Consortia
  • Assessing export potential for SMEs Cambodia
  • Minimizing risk factor
  • Preparing export development plan for Cambodia
  • Long term planning
  • Significance of brand building
  • Brand building process
  • Promoting cluster brand for Cambodia
  • Characteristics of cluster branding
  • Cluster Brand Management process

 បន្ទាប់ពីបញ្ចប់នៃជំពូកនេះសិក្ខាកាម និងមានលទ្ធភាពយល់ដឹងអំពី៖

  • How to promote export consortia in Cambodia
  • Role of private and public institutions in export consortia promotion in Cambodia
  • Best practices in export consortia promotion
  • Participants will learn how to decide the target group for export
  • Understand how to do export audit
  • Understand how to prepare export marketing plan
  • Understand Promoting cluster brand for SME clusters in Cambodia
  • Learn the characteristics of cluster branding
  • Understand Cluster Brand Management process
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