About TTRI

Strategic Directions of TTRI

The Trade Training and Research Institute is a unique multi-disciplinary department of the Ministry of Commerce that provides training, research, and data on trade, business, logistics, and other fields to benefit businesses, traders, and the Cambodia’s economy.

TTRI, Trade Training and Research Institute

1. Vision

A center of excellence that supports Cambodia’s trade sector competitiveness by providing integrated user-friendly training and research services in line with the Government’s reform agenda.

2. Mission

To strengthen the capacities of relevant Cambodian and regional stakeholders in the trade and business sectors through training and research.

3. Goal

To contribute to the growth of Cambodian trade and economic development.

4. Core Values

  • Integrity.
  • Objectivity.
  • Accountability.
  • Openness.
  • Honesty.
  • Leadership.

TTRI Duties

Trade Training and Research Institute is under the direct supervision and direction of General Department of Administration and Finance with the following functions:

  • Develop plan and curriculum for all subjects related to trade and economy for the purpose of training and strengthening the capacity within short, medium and long terms.
  • Carry out training and provide knowledge for the civil servants from public entities and institutions, staff of private sector or general students according to the curriculum and necessity.
  • Carry out collaboration and coordination for various training courses under support projects of various development partners or national and international organizations.
  • Act as the facilitator for all training courses conducted by the Ministry of Commerce.
  • Manage the library of the Ministry
  • Provide advice on business and investment
  • Collaborate to promulgate the laws and regulations, principles and relevant procedures among the officials of Ministry of Commerce and outside community.
  • Carry out research on relevant fields of Ministry of Commerce.
  • Seek for partners and collaborate with relevant ministries and institutions to receive and utilize the technical assistance related to training and research.
  • Develop the Institute’s annual action plan and budget plan
  • Manage the administration, staff and materials in the institute

Trade Training and Research Institute is comprised of five bureaus following:

  • Bureau of Administration and Planning
  • Bureau of Training
  • Bureau of Partnership and Business Development
  • Bureau of Research
  • Bureau of Library